Following my studies at Vakalo School of Art & Design, I practiced my craft working as an interior designer in the renovation/construction industry. I practiced my skills in various types of CAD software, as well as in art direction; which enables me to present to customers, realistic depictions of the future construction, using high resolution photo. My aim is to ensure that each customer has an informative and positive experience, by assuring the completion of the digital version efficiently in a very specific and short time-frame and respecting customer’s budget estimation. My services primarily are the following; Architectural design/Concept Design & Materials Combination, Digital designing – 3D VRs full HD, Supervision – management & completion of project, Construction – implementation – delivery of a turnkey project on time.


The goal is to obtain an exact imprint and capture the layout of the space in order to provide you with suggestions on the basis of your budget. In a very short time we convert a draft design into a digital version…


Following the creation of the digital version, I attach you an initial suggested design as well as the constructional file. With modern digital systems of CAD technology I am able to introduce you high resolution photorealistic depictions by comparing the existing depiction with the suggested future model.


My aim is to subsequently assure the completion of the digital version in a very specific and short time-frame. With the collaboration of various reliable sub-contractors, I guarantee you the best and fastest construction.
Furthermore, I deliver you a turnkey project, which simply means that you receive the final project without spending your time or dealing with any responsibilities during the construction period.



Architectural design /
finding design solutions


Digital designing – 3D virtual reality with high resolution


Supervision – management
& completion of project


Construction – implementation
delivery of a turnkey project in the designated time



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  • Apartments
  • Apartments Airbnb
  • Coffee Shops
  • Exhibition Booths
  • Offices
  • Retail Shops
I look forward to your contacting me
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